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It's Easy To Use Our Shopping Car To Order On Line
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Sat. Mar 23

 Ordering Tips & Hints  
Over 4,000  American Flyer and Lionel Repair parts for your antique trains. Check stock & order on line.
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Steps to Successful Repair Parts Orders 

 Repair Parts Catalog.
(Requires Adobe Reader Get this free program HERE )

NOTE: We Can No Longer Accept Train Repair Parts Orders Over The Phone
Please Order by the Internet, Fax, or Mail.

ALL Customer Service Inquires For Train Repair Parts Must Be Placed by E-mail or Regular Mail.



  1. Identify the parts you need by the correct part number
    If you are new to this a "Repair Manual" saves time & money
  2. Order Repair Parts On Line:

    1. Order From Listing Of Available Repair Parts: 
      American Flyer
        or Lionel

    2. Search & Order By Part # or Description:
        American Flyer  or Lionel 
      Read these hints for entering parts numbers in your order 


View Online Parts Diagrams For American Flyer Locos
Newly developed exploded view diagrams and parts lists now on our website. Research Online & Order Parts Here

Determine the "Part Number" of the part you need.

The first step in repairing your own trains is determining the correct part numbers so you can identify and order the replacement parts you need. These part numbers are called out in an "exploded view" of the loco, accessory or car that you are repairing.  You will find these exploded views in the train repair manual that corresponds to the era of the train you are repairing.  
Despite the name these manuals are not "How to do it" guides as much as they are complete as possible sets of the parts breakdown sheets (exploded views ) that the factory issued to it's repair stations when the trains were produced.  These exploded views make it possible for you to correctly identify the part you need. 

To make it easy to order the correct parts for your needs we have spent countless hours researching the correct original Lionel or American Flyer part number for each part we list. These are the same part numbers that you will find on the "exploded view" for the piece you are repairing. Just consult the appropriate REPAIR MANUAL that contains the "exploded view" for the item that you are repairing.

While possible, we do not recommend solely relying on the brief descriptions in our listings of over 4,000 repair parts to identify the correct number for the parts you need. The investment in a service manual will pay you back many times over as you easily and quickly order the correct parts for your repair job.

I regret that our customer service phone staff cannot be much assistance in identifying a part for you over the phone or helping you determine the parts you need for your repair. Nor can we respond to an email request for information about a specific repair part. If you need additional information after doing your research, please send us your inquiry with a self addressed stamped envelope. We will forward that request to our train repair experts who repair trains for our train repair service centers.


Order Repair Parts On-Line


The second step in repairing your trains is reviewing our repair parts list to determine if the part you need to repair your train is still available. We list over 4,000 repair parts for postwar American Flyer S gauge and Lionel O Gauge trains and accessories. 

If you are confident that you know the exact part number(s) you need you may order them now by adding them to your shopping cart directly from the search utility.

If you would like to review the parts list to help select the parts you want to order on line use the links below to display the list in numerical order.  Use the links at the page top and bottom to quickly to jump to any page in the parts listing.  Once you've located the part(s) you want click the "ORDER" button and enter the quantity you wish to order on the next page.  After confirmation of amount ordered, click continue order button to return to the parts list page.

  1. Display the list of  American Flyer S Gauge Repair Parts 
  2. Display the list of  Lionel O Gauge Repair Parts 
  3. View Parts Diagrams and Parts Lists For American Flyer Locos
  4. Or VIEW and DOWNLOAD our
      Repair Parts Catalog.


  1. Review Parts Ordering Hints (below)
  2. Begin Parts Search & Order Now


The most efficient way to order parts is by entering the exact part number into the part number / stock number field.  
The part number must be complete and correct. Enter the number 0 not the letter O as  part of the number. Reproduction part numbers are followed by a "@" this must be entered as part of the number. 
If the part number that you enter does not exactly match the correct part number in our database
( we use the original manufacture's part numbers) the part you are looking for may not be displayed even though we list it for sale in our database.  See information on displaying the parts listings.
However, partial matches will work in the part number field.  If you enter just a portion of a part number, all part numbers containing the digits you enter will be returned. 


You can search by category: 
American Flyer Repair Parts or Lionel Repair Parts.  But the listing produced will not be sorted in a very useful order and will only display the 2-3,000  parts selected 10 per page. You may order directly from the page. 

See links above to order directly from the parts listings in a format that may be easier to view.  By reviewing this list you can identify the parts you need and order directly from the list.

Searching by entering the the part name (or a partial name of a part) in the product name field and by category:
This approach will give you pretty good results. For example, if you select the American Flyer Repair Part Category and enter: Smoke Unit in the product name field 12 Flyer parts will be listed. Review the list, select the ones you want, and add the quantities you need to your order. 

Unfortunately it is generally not possible to search by the engine, car or accessory that you need parts for (that why the exploded views and repair manuals discussed above are so essential.)  
Do keep in mind that for Lionel parts often the number of the item you are repairing is the first part of the repair part number. So, entering the item number of the piece that you are repairing in the part number field may give you useful results.  This is not true for American flyer parts.


To give you the most complete parts selection in our catalog and on our website we list all the available original and reproduction ( indicated by an @ following the part number ) American flyer and Lionel train repair parts. This listing is in numeric order using the original manufacture's part number. Where the manufacturer never issued a part number or the part number is unknown the parts will be listed at the end of the parts list by the producer's part number. Note that not all parts identified in the exploded views are available today. To save you the most on you repair costs we list wholesale quantify prices along with retail unit prices on those parts that we can provide in quantify.

To provide the best service we constantly locate new sources and use computerized inventory controls to maintain as complete an inventory as is possible. Please understand that at any given time some parts that we list as " currently available" may be temporally out of stock. It is frustrating, but the supply of repair parts is often uncertain. Many reproduction parts are made by very small shops with no regular production schedules. Even Lionel, the major producer of parts is often only able to fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the parts ordered. Given these " facts of the repairman's life" to provide you with the best service to meet your repair needs, we ask you to indicate on your order form how you want us to handle your order when a part you requested is temporarily out of stock.


When you are ready to complete your order you can choose to: (For more details See: HOW TO ORDER)

  • Submit the order you have created over the internet along with your credit card information. We have taken every precaution to keep your information secure.
  • Just use the shopping cart program to create a form that you print out which you can then use to fax or mail or phone us the order information.   (Note: by choosing this "Phone /Fax option nothing is transmitted over the internet  AND we do not receive any information about your order.  You will not actually place an order until you contact us by fax phone or mail.)



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