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Sat. Feb 23

 Repair Books  
Over 4,000  American Flyer and Lionel Repair parts for your antique trains. Check stock & order on line.
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These Books Will Save You Time and Headaches !
American Flyer Loco Diagrams Book with New Information

"REPAIR SERVICE MANUALS" will reduce your frustration as you try to determine the correct part numbers so you can identify and order the replacement parts you need. These part numbers are called out in an "exploded view" of the loco, accessory or car that you are repairing.  You will find these exploded views in the train repair manual that corresponds to the era of the train you are repairing.  
Despite the name these manuals are not "How to do it" guides as much as they are complete as possible sets of the parts breakdown sheets (exploded views ) that the factory issued to it's repair stations when the trains were produced.  These exploded views make it possible for you to correctly identify the part you need. 

"OPERATING & REPAIR GUIDES" are a very helpful complement to the service manuals discussed above.  These books contain "HOW TO DO IT"  instructions on common repairs, diagnostic advice and operating tips and hints. Often these guides also contain selected exploded views that give you a general overview of the parts assembly. ( The complete set of exploded views provided in a service manual is recommended as a parts ordering resource.)
American Flyer Repair Books

AF Loco
Repair  Book


American Flyer Factory Parts Department 
Comprehensive Exploded Views and Parts Lists

AF Loco Diagrams & Parts Lists
Never Available Before
Now Contained In Our Updated 
AF Loco Repair Manual

The 2005 revision of our AF Factory Parts Dept Comprehensive Exploded Views and Parts Lists Volume I: Steam and Diesel Locomotives originally published in 2001 adds over 40 pages of new information that has never been available to the public before. 

For the first time illustrations and parts documentation is available for all AC Gilbert produced Steam and Diesel engines. Plus many revisions, and additions have been made to the diagrams and parts lists contained in the original edition.


Smoke in tender models : 312 , 321, 322, 332, 342
Also models 310, 320, 21004, 21005

This new edition completes goal of the authors by providing one exploded view for each type of locomotive produced by AC Gilbert. (Only the 23743 Track maintenance car and the 25515 Rocket Sled are excluded) Each diagram contains newly developed view inserts showing all the alternative major sub assemblies. Access to the original A.C. Gilbert factory ledgers preserved by Vincent Amato has been invaluable in the preparation of the enhanced parts diagrams and lists offered in the first and second editions of this book.

Determining the correct part needed to repair the specific American Flyer locomotive lying in pieces on the repair bench can often be more frustrating and time consuming than actually making the repair itself. Even when consulting one of the previously available service manuals or repair guides, both the professional service man and the hobbyist can become stumped when the general exploded view and parts listing offered for their engine type is not correct for the specific variation being repaired. 

The new diagrams and materials presented in this manual will greatly reduce the frustration and guesswork involved in repairing one of the many variations of the of steam or diesel locomotives produced by American Flyer between 1946 and 1967. 

Utilizing previously unavailable A.C. Gilbert factory records obtained by Vincent Amato with his purchase of the factory parts department, original American Flyer exploded views have been expanded and parts lists have been consolidated and augmented.

The primary feature of this manual is that it offers one exploded view for each type of locomotive. Each diagram contains newly developed view inserts showing all the alternative major sub assemblies. For each diagram one comprehensive parts listing contains the series of differing parts used, each clearly marked as to the specific locomotive it was used in. This concise format allows you to quickly and accurately identify the parts needed for your repair project so you can concentrate on repairing the locomotive rather than doing parts research.

Each of these newly developed diagrams and associated parts lists are based on the original A.C. Gilbert Service Station diagrams and parts lists. These materials have been consolidated and edited to show all locomotives of a given type. Additional information obtained from original A. C. Gilbert factory ledgers has been used to augment these views and lists to make them as comprehensive as possible… right down to the handrails and porthole lens.

This publication has been specifically designed as a reference manual to be used on your workbench. Instructions on identifying your specific locomotive model are provided in the following section. Once you have determined the type and model number review the annotated list of models and exploded views to select the appropriate one for your locomotive. By consulting this diagram and examining the loco you are repairing you can identify the part (s) needed to complete the repair. Each part is identified on the diagram by a circled number, which is keyed to the parts list associated with that exploded view.

Spiral bound to lay flat on your work bench. 178 pages.

CLICK HERE To Read More About Why Every AF Enthusiast MUST HAVE This Book.

American Flyer Factory Parts Department Comprehensive Exploded Views and Parts Lists VOL 1: Steam & Diesel Locomotives SECOND EDITION
Price: $29.99


Why Every AF Enthusiast MUST HAVE This Book

Painstaking research utilizing previously unavailable A.C. Gilbert factory records and production ledgers obtained by Vincent Amato with his purchase of the factory parts department has allowed the authors to create exclusive new drawings and parts lists for locos that were never documented. Original American Flyer exploded views have been expanded, parts lists have been consolidated and augmented and errors have been corrected.


  • All new chapter containing recently compiled parts lists & exploded views for 46 -47 productions steam locos and tender smoke unit.

  • Newly created exploded view drawing of the 21004 & 21005 PRR 0-6-0 Switchers.

  • Larger easier to read Alco PA & GM GP-7 Diesel locomotive exploded views.

  • More detailed and accurate parts listings based on AC Gilbert factory assembly records , manuals & blueprints.

  • NEW exclusive diagrams and parts lists with information never available until now for locos that AC Gilbert never provided documentation.

  • Revisions and additions that CORRECT the repair information available in previously published books.

  • Consolidated exploded views for EVERY type of locomotive produced by AC Gilbert with view inserts showing all the alternative major sub assemblies.

  • Documentation of CHANGES made during production.

  • Previously UNAVAILABLE information from A.C. Gilbert factory records obtained by Vincent Amato

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    Complete Service Manual for A.F. Trains  
    This is a service manual for Flyer S gauge 45-66. This hard cover 7x10 402 pg. edition is designed to stand up under extensive use. Easy to use, compiled from the old A.C. Gilbert service and repair sheets. Includes: parts schematics, exploded views, writing diagrams, and original parts lists. Also included is this volume are: a descriptive text for items including A.C. Gilbert's helpful hints), a master number index Years 1946-1966), additional sheets and booklets that accompanied engines, operating cars, accessories and complete train sets. There are detailed sections on operating & repairing steam locomotives, diesel engines, operating cars and accessories, track, switches, transformers and track layout plans and hints. Illustrated throughout.



    Lionel Repair Books

    (Note Cover Illustration varies from this picture)
    Greenberg's Repair and Operating Manual for Lionel Trains, 19451969, 7th Edition
    New Edition of the basic reference book for repair of Lionel trains produced between 1945-1969. This 736 page soft cover book provides the exploded views which are essential for identifying the correct parts and corresponding part numbers needed to repair your trains. Plus it offers over a thousand repair and maintenance tips for Lionel locomotives, operating cars, accessories, transformers, light bulbs, and switches. Provides original Lionel technical advice and handy techniques submitted by toy train collectors and operators over the past ten years.  6 x 8 7/16; 736pgs.;  perfect-bound soft cover
    Price: $24.95

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