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Stock Number MFG Description / Scale Sale Price Order Quantity
TAM0089773   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  F-117A NIGHTHAWK & US 4x4 1:48
Original Price:$114.00
TAM0089732   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  P-51D MUSTANG & STAFF CAR 1:48
Original Price:$67.00
TAM0089722   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  FIAT CR42 LUFFWAFFE 1:48
Original Price:$65.00
TAM0061504   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  DAMBUSTER W/turning prop 1:48
Original Price:$149.00
TAM0061503   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  RAIDEN Prop Action 1:48
Original Price:$31.00
TAM0061501   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  HAYATE Prop Action 1:48
Original Price:$31.00
TAM0061112   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  AVRO LANCASTER B Mk.I/III 1:48
Original Price:$163.00
TAM0061111   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  AVRO LANCASTER GRAN SLAM 1:48
Original Price:$163.00
TAM0061110   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  MITSUBISHI G4M1 MODEL 11 1:48
Original Price:$134.00
TAM0061108   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  MITSUBISHI A6M3/3a Zeke 1:48
Original Price:$58.00
TAM0061104   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  Fw-190F FOCKE WULF 1:48
Original Price:$54.00
TAM0061103   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  A6M5/5a ZERO 1:48
Original Price:$62.00
TAM0061102   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  F-16C THUNDERBIRDS 1:48
Original Price:$66.00
TAM0061101   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  F-16C BLOCK 25/32 FALCON 1:48
Original Price:$73.00
TAM0061100   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  FIESELER Fi-156C STORCH 1:48
Original Price:$80.00
TAM0061099   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  FAIREY SWORDFISH Mk.II 1:48
Original Price:$92.00
TAM0061098   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  F-16CJ FIGHTING FALCON 1:48
Original Price:$66.00
TAM0061096   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  P-47M THUNDERBOLT 1:48
Original Price:$57.00
TAM0061092   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  Ki-46III DINAH 1:48
Original Price:$46.00
TAM0061087   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  Me-262A-1 MESSERSCHMITT 1:48
Original Price:$44.00
TAM0061086   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  P-47D RAZORBACK 1:48
Original Price:$52.00
TAM0061083   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  F-3 GLOSTER METEOR 1:48
Original Price:$41.00
TAM0061081   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  FOCKE WULF Fw-190 D-9 1:48
Original Price:$38.00
TAM0061073   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  DOUGLAS A-1J SKYRAIDER 1:48
Original Price:$47.00
TAM0061070   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  F-4U1A CORSAIR 1:48
Original Price:$29.00
TAM0061067   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  BRISTOL BEAUFIGHTER 1:48
Original Price:$40.00
TAM0061063   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  Bf-109E-4/7 TROPICAL 1:48
Original Price:$32.00
TAM0061061   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  F-4U1D CORSAIR 1:48
Original Price:$32.00
TAM0061059   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  LOACHEED F-117A NIGHTHAWK 1:48
Original Price:$70.00.00
TAM0061058   Tamiya Paints & Plastics  DOUGLAS SKYRADER AD-6 1:48
Original Price:$43.00

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